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18 Months to try IDLE

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How it works?

It’s simple and easy

1 Buy an IDLE Sleep Mattress

We are so confident in the comfort and quality of our mattresses we are willing to give you 18 whole months to try it.

2 What if I don’t like it?

Since changing mattresses can take your body some time to adjust we only ask you try IDLE for at least 30 days.  After 30 days and for up to 18 months, if IDLE is not working for you, we will take it back, or work with one of our partners to have it donated to someone in need.

3 Are there strings attached?

Nope! After 30days if you are not satisfied with your IDLE mattress we you can return it for free.  Just email is at

What Sounds Better?

Other companies trials

Other mattress companies trials range from 0-365 days.  With most being 100.

IDLE Sleep’s Trial

IDLE gives your 547 days to decide.  All four seasons, plus some!  We believe once you feel the quality and comfort of the IDLE mattresses, you will understand why we are so confident your IDLE Mattress will be one you will want to keep.

We would be willing to bet you would choose IDLE!  And why not?!

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